Magical Product Swap Featuring "Magic E"

How appropriate is that?!

I want to thank Jessica Stanford at Mrs. Stanford's Class for hosting this wonderful linky!  I always have so much fun making and using the products we swap.  I also LOVE reading the reviews from other bloggers who have swapped as well.  Thank you, Jessica, for coordinating this fun linky!  While you are there, enter her giveaway for products from her store!
For the second Magical Product Swap, I was lucky enough to swap with the wonderful Amy from Adventures in Teaching.  She was so gracious to let me create and use her "Magic E:  Word Work Center Activities".  These came in handy with my group of third graders who are working on long vowel with "magic e".
Adventures in Teaching
It includes five different activities, which I will show you in pictures.  Since I don't have a classroom, I used them with my small group intervention.  My group of students REALLY enjoyed using these! 

First, we worked together to complete the word sort.  This sort is great because it includes the word without the "magic e" and then the word with the "magic e".  The students matched the words up and began to see connections.  The students had to find their "Magic Match" to come to the board and sort.
Then we moved on to the word flaps.  I love these because the students were able to actually form the words and then write them.  I used some of that fun paper from Dollar Tree to make these.  That made the flap into a fun design!

The next activity is one of my favorites:  Picture Pairs.  I actually used these in two different ways.  The first day we just wrote the words and drew pictures of them, showing how adding the "e" makes it into a totally different word.
On our "Fantastic Friday", we used these to play Pictionary.  The students had to draw a picture of one of the two words, and the other team had to guess the picture and the other word on the card.  They had to spell BOTH words correctly move on my "old school" gameboard.  Here they are playing Pictionary.

The set also includes fun star letter tiles.  We spent part of one of our sessions building words with partners.

The students' favorite was the game we played:  Magic Show.  The students read the word on the card and then said the "partner" word with or without the "magic e".
Look at that awesome Dollar Tree cardstock!  10 pieces for a dollar!!

 The final activity included is one that I have not used yet.  With only 5 students in my group, I always find it hard to play an "I Have, Who Has" game.  The students end up with too many cards to keep up with.  But, if I had an entire class of students, this would be a great game for reviewing "magic e".  Here is a picture of one set of cards.
These activities were so much fun and so easy to implement.  The students stayed engaged and were not completing worksheets.  It is super hands-on, which is perfect for helping students learn and understand how words work.  If you are going to be working with "magic e", this would be a perfect resource for you and your students!  Go here to purchase and download it.

Now that you know all about Amy's wonderful product, head on over to her blog to see how she used my Letters and Fonts for Sorting.  I am also having a 20% off sale in my TPT store through Monday in honor of the Product Swap.  Go see what else I have in store for you!

And make sure you look at all of the other products people are raving about in Jessica Stanford's Magical Product Swap.


  1. What a fun activity for practicing magic e! I'm going to add this product to my wishlist and I'll have to remember the Pictionary idea - my kiddos will love it. I'm glad I found your blog through the product swap linky :)
    Stories by Storie

  2. Looks like a fun way for students to get in some magic e practice!
    Conversations in Literacy

  3. Hi Andrea! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am also excited to meet another specialist! I look forward to reading your blog and sharing ideas! Lauren

  4. Wow, Andrea! I absolutely love seeing how you used this with your kids. I also love the idea of Pictionary. I think my little ones will be learning a new game. :) Thank you so much for such a great review. AND, thank you for your awesome Letter Sort. I love using it with my kids, and they were excited to recognize the different ways the letters can look. My favorite "Teachable" moment so far was when one little girl held up the "fancy" s tile and said it didn't go anywhere. We looked at the other s tiles and I asked her if she thought it could go there. She said no, because it had an extra loop on it. We talked about what I call "Fancy" letters and she was able to finally see the s. I love when the light bulbs go off. Thanks for being my Product Swap partner. :)
    Adventures In Teaching


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