What a Week!

I honestly never thought this week would end!  I even felt like Wednesday was Thursday.  Now that the Reading Assessments are over, I have a good idea who I will be working with this year.  I had my plans made at 2:45 today, went to print, and BOOM, Microsoft Word shut down, and I had forgotten to save it!  Oh my!!!  Luckily, I didn't lose much, but it was still a hassle to try to remember all that I had figured out.

Well, we had a fun week, to say the least!  I spent a lot of time in third grade again, right in my element!  Last week we read Tacky the Penguin, and I promised the kids some fun this week.  We made a Tacky the Penguin on Monday and finished him on Tuesday.  The students described Tacky and then used a pattern to make our penguins.  Here are the students' penguins.  There are 28 third graders in one class, so it took up two walls!

I love the kids' creativity with his shirt.  Too fun!

I am linking up with Amanda at Teaching Maddeness for the

I also worked hard to to get ready for next week.  The first graders will be working on seasons, and I will be working with them during their unit time. So, I wrote an emergent reader for them. It is simple with a lot of repeating text and pictures to support them.

It includes the book, picture, and word cards.  It is on sale in my TPT store for half price through Monday!  All of the graphics, except for the snowman are from my Graphics from the Pond Premium Club Membership!

I am ready for the weekend, even though it is super busy!

Until next time!

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  1. LOVE your Tacky the Penguins. We read that story this week for our questioning unit. It's always a hit! My poor kiddos did not get to make these cute, fun penguins though. Maybe next time! :)

    Teaching Maddeness


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