Sight Words in a Small Space and a Giveaway!

I had finished working on my room and walked into one of the second grade rooms, when to my amazement, I realized I had forgotten something super important ~ The word wall! My students need a word wall more than anything since they are struggling readers. But the problem is, I have very little space in my room for a word wall. I would have to include words for grades K-3, and I know how much space that takes up!

So, I decided to make some portable ones that would match my fun theme of Dr. Seuss. This way I could just include the words they need, and they can locate the words on their own. So, I diligently worked on it last night, making sure it was just right! Here is a picture of my finished product.

 I love those graphics from Michelle at The 3AM Teacher!  These are from the "It's a Silly World" set.  I love that it had a brick wall, so I could really make a word wall!

I made the word walls for two different groups.  One includes the Preprimer through 1st grade lists, and the other includes words from the second and third grade lists.  I did this to help consolidate some of the words that many of those students ask for.

The word wall is split into an easy to find table with the words in alphabetical order.  I also included some extra words and made all of the color words in that color.

They are posted on Teachers Pay Teachers for $2 each or $3 for a bundle of both.  BUT, they are on sale through Sunday for half price!  That is $1 each or $1.50 for the bundle.  Now that is even better than the Back to School Sale!  You can get the PP-1 set here, the 2-3 set here, and the bundle here.

I am watching the "Teachers Rock" show on CBS.  I normally don't like these shows, but it is about teachers!  It has reminded me of the reasons I became a teacher.  My inspiration was my fourth grade teacher.  I remember projects and writing books.  I remember songs and dancing.  She made learning fun, and I think I learned more that year than any other year!

We all had an inspiration, so share yours! Who or what inspired you to be a teacher?  Leave a comment below, and I will use the random number generator on Sunday evening to choose a winner of the bundle of word wall sets!  Don't forget to leave me your email address!!

Good luck!
Until next time!


  1. I loved my 2nd grade teacher, 6th grade, and a few of my high school teachers! They made school so much fun to go to!

  2. I always wanted to be a teacher. (I had so many wonderful ones!!) But, I ended up getting a Business/Health Care Administration degree. I did not enjoy it, but changing my major scared me. My (much younger) little brother had a "not so" inspirational teacher at the time I graduated and it really made me sad to see his love of school turn to dreading each school day. Especially since it was a job I wanted so badly. So, the day I picked up my diploma I registered for teacher courses. BEST decision of my life!
    Sunshine, Sand and Scissors

  3. I've always wanted to be a teacher. My grandmother inspired me.


  4. My first grade teacher inspired me in many ways to want to become a teacher. She taught for over 50 years! I have only taught first grade too though I will not teach for 50 years!


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