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Well, summer is just about over!  Today was my last official weekday of summer, and I spent it cleaning the house!  Yes, cleaning the house!  I did that, so I can spend all day Sunday at Teacher Pay Teachers and work on dwindling my wish list!  It is sale time, and many of us are participating!  I am taking this opportunity to feature some of my products, along with some of the other sellers for you through this blog hop hosted Christina at Bunting, Books, and Bainbridge
My entire store will be 28% off with the code below! Go check it out!!

My one item I would have to have is my Main Idea and Detail Concentration Game.  This is a typical concentration game, except you are looking for the cards that match the main idea to the detail.  My third graders had a ball with this game!

I wanted to highlight my best sellers as well.  One of my first items on TPT has always been a hit and still is today.  My Homophones All Around Us Power Point focuses on various homophones with picture representations and sentences.  It is a great introduction or review of homophones.

A new item I have posted is my Read It With Emotion Fluency cards.  Since I have listed it, many have purchased it!  The stars tell you how to say the sentences.  Too fun!  I love listening to my students read in different voices!!

And the timing couldn't be more perfect for my final best seller!  My Ancient Greece Olympics Easy Reader has been a hit!  I really want new graphics for this one, but I am  waiting ever so patiently to find them!

So, go get some shopping done Sunday and Monday, August 12-13 in my store and so many others!  That is where I will be!  Also, click on some other blogs in this blog hop to find your next products!

Until next time!

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