Happy Birthday!

Today was Zack's 8th Birthday, and I have totally enjoyed watching him grow up!  I miss him as a little boy, but I so enjoy him as we talk and learn new things together.  He was so excited all day today before he opened presents and then after he did.

This morning, we gave him his "big" gift, a Rip Rider.  One of the neighbors has one, and he loves it, so this was a no-brainer.  It keeps him active and is fun to ride.  I even took a spin on it after we put it together.
 He helped me decorate his own cake.  I made it with a can of Caffeine Free Diet Coke, so it was less calories.  It was so moist and yummy too!  He had a Batman theme.  What's new!?
He was so excited when he got his new Batman 2 DS game from Gram and Pap.  He spent all day building his Lego's that he never even played his game.
Overall, it was fun day!  I can now look forward to what this new year holds for him as he grows!

Happy Birthday, Zack!


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