My New Pencil Sharpener

Every year I end up buying a new electric pencil sharpener, sometimes even buying two, because the "students" break them.  This year, the students NEVER touched it, just my aide and I were the only two who used it.  By April, every time I sharpened pencils, no matter the quality, they lead would break off automatically.  Again, another one bites the dust.

My pencil sharpening woes changed when I received my new pencil sharpener, the Classroom Friendly Pencil Sharpener.  I love it for many reasons.  Here is a picture of my new beauty.
It makes my pencils so sharp and unbreakable!  I love it!!  I also absolutely love the color.  Green is my favorite color.  It is quiet and quick, very quick!  It also stops when it is done sharpening the pencil.  I know that it will last, and it is so simple to use!!  And it was created by an elementary school teacher who knows our needs!

Since my year is pretty much over, I will store it until next year when this will be my primary pencil sharpener.  I will keep it at my little table and use it as we need it.  I know that it will get a lot of use!

You can go to the Classroom Friendly Supplies to order yours today and have it for next year.   Click on the button below to check it out.  You can get it in blue too, but I LOVE the Groovy Green!


Only 3 more days of school left, and I will spend them working on weeding all of the stuff out of my closet, including all of my old broken pencil sharpeners.  I can't wait to have it done!

So, until next time!


  1. Eeeek I just won one!!!
    Love it :)

    PS I'm having giveaway and I'd love for you to join!

    Jessica Stanford
    Mrs. Stanford's Class Blog

  2. I want one of those SO bad after reading all of the positive reviews on it. I think I may have to cave in & buy one this summer! :)

    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  3. I keep looking at these pencil sharpeners. I just might have to buy one... I'm your 49th follower! I've just hit 100 myself and am looking at having a giveaway. Would you like to join in and donate something? I'd be gla to return the favor when you have one!
    :) Dana

  4. The pencil sharpener is wonderful! I can't wait to actually use it next year. Right now my son has been using it to sharpen pencils. I emailed you about giveaways. Thanks for following!


  5. I have a question about the color sharpener you purchased...what color green is it? Your picture makes the sharpener look like a lighter green or almost a turquise color. The website shows the "groovy green" to be much darker (it looks like hunter green). I'm excited to order a sharpener, but I can't decide which color.

  6. It is the groovy green color, which is true to the actual color. The lighting in my picture was not great. I love all things green, so this is the perfect color! Thanks for asking.



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