I survived the zoo!

What a super fun day I had with Zack and his two buddies.  We headed over to the North Carolina Zoo in Asheboro, NC super early this morning and got home just as planned.  We spent a great deal of time walking, looking at animals, and just enjoying a beautiful day!  I think the boys enjoyed all of the statues because we had to stop at each one and take a picture.  So be prepared, there are a lot of pictures!
Zack and his friends with the bison

We did see some wonderful animals and learned quite a bit, since that is what field trips are all about, right!?  This was such a great way for the kids to learn.  I think they got more of it than sitting in a classroom. If only everything could be learned this way!

So, we saw a lot of animals, like the ones below.
Alligators and Crocodiles

Cougar, the school's mascot


Had some fun!
Trying to pick up a "rock"

Pretend flying a copter

Ice Cream!
But for me, I enjoyed the bonding!
So, now after a super long day, I am ready for some much needed rest!
Until next time!

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