Happy Mother's Day!

This Mother's Day started out no different than any other Sunday morning.  We all got up, got ready for church, and then came downstairs for breakfast.  Zack had been so excited about the gift he made for me at school.  I was thrilled when I opened it!  He had written the sweetest book called The Square Egg.  He wrote it and typed it, colored it and made it into a great book!  Here are some pictures of his masterpiece.
The cover
The book was about a bird who was square, and the mom helped him learn to take care of himself.  A square hole appeared with something roaring out of it, and a man needed help.  The square bird fell into it and saved the man.  Cute!  I love it!

Of all the things Zack has brought home as a gift from school, this has been my favorite!  I will treasure it forever!!  If I were back in the classroom, this would be my Mother's Day gift, no matter what age.  Who wouldn't love a book written and illustrated by their own child?!

the author and his sidekick

So, Happy Mother's Day to all you Moms out there!  You deserve it!!  As for me, I am going to go read my son's first book again and again!

Until next time!

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