Alphabet Songs

Wow!  I found the coolest songs from Have Fun Teaching for FREE!!  Yes, you read correctly, all 27 alphabet songs are FREE!

I watched several of them on YouTube, and they are so catchy and fun that students will LOVE them and learn.  Best of all, they probably won't even realize that they are learning.  The songs repeat the sounds, vowels give both sounds, over and over.  They give words with the sounds in them with picture examples and even have the students "write" the letters in the air.  They are simple and catchy.  I wouldn't be surprised if I heard students singing them all over the school!  I wish I would have had these earlier this year to use with my kindergarten intervention groups.  I will definitely be using them next year from the first day of school!

Check out the "A" song, since my name starts with A.

 So, go over to Have Fun Teaching and check out the Alphabet Songs!  You can grab them for free if you blog about them.  If you are not a blogger, you can purchase all of them for $20.  Not a bad deal for some great songs to help students learn!

I am still testing and finishing up paperwork for two more weeks.  This just put a bright spot in my day!

So,  until next time!


  1. Love them - my kids are ALL over them...even being end of the year first graders!!!

    Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade

  2. How cute! This will be a great back to school fun review for my students!!

    Learning Is Something to Treasure


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