Only Seven More Mondays!

After today, there are only SEVEN more Mondays, and then I can enjoy some quality time at home with my kids!  But today seemed like it would be uneventful until I went to the first grade classroom to do my lesson.  This is my favorite time of the day because I spend some quality time with my very first friend at the school where I work, Melanie!  For 15 years, she has been my rock at the school, and I am there for her.  Well, I was introducing the book to the group about friends.  I asked them, "What do you do when you make a friend?"  One student replied, "You draw one on paper and hang out with it!"  Seriously!!  Well, we all about lost it, just laughing.  He knew he was being funny, but we all needed the good laugh.  So, the rest of the day included me making "friends" for Melanie and putting them up on her board when she wasn't looking and in her mailbox.  I don't have any pictures of me and Melanie, but I know that today's focus became "friends".  So, here is a picture of my and two of my closest friends, even though they are a world away, literally!  I can't wait until they come home for the summer, so we can spend time together!
Susan, Me, and Crystal

Tomorrow I am going to the dentist to get a tooth fixed, so I am going to hang around the house and get some work done.  Some peace and quiet will get me through it all!

Until tomorrow!

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