Getting Started

It has really been a struggle to get this all started up, but I think I am almost ready.  Wow!  Who knew that blogging would be so crazy??  Now that I am getting the hang of it a little more, I am ready to try something new.  I am going to post one of my items I have made for free here on the blog.  This is something I have not posted anywhere, but I want to see if it works.

With all of the blustery weather here, I keep thinking how much fun it would be to fly a kite.  So here is the book I wrote Go Fly A Kite.  I used this with my first grade intervention group when they were studying kites.  It focuses on the sight words will, put, and now.  So enjoy!
 So here it is!  Just copy and paste the link below!  (I am still trying to figure out how to put an image of it for you to see but haven't gotten there yet!)

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