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Starting out fifth grade can be tough, especially when you are being teased by the bully in your class. What happens when two students solve their problem on their own?
It's tough being the new kid, but it's also tough being the kid who struggles in school and has no friends. So what happens when they need each other and don't realize it? In the final Virginia Readers' Choice book, Save Me a Seat {Affiliate links provided to fund future book purchases.} by Sarah Weeks and Gita Varadarajan, Ravi and Joe begin the first week of fifth grade in style.

Book Summary

Ravi has just moved to New Jersey from Bangalore, India. He was the smartest and most popular boy in his class back home, but now things have changed. Mrs. Beam, his teacher, and all of the other students can't understand what he says in his broken English and make him feel inferior with his math skills. No one tries to understand that he clearly knows what is going on and what to do, but he is sent to the resource room to get special help. And no one sits with him at lunch. Fifth grade in America is NOT going well for Ravi.

Joe has been at the school for a long time. His two friends moved away, and fifth grade is not going well at all. Being larger than everyone makes it really hard for him, as he is clumsy and just does not fit in. Lunch has always been Joe's favorite time of day, but that all changes when he has no one to eat with AND his mother begins her job as a lunch monitor. Fifth grade is NOT going well for Joe.

Enter Dillon Samreen, the most popular boy in the class, who also happens to be a a bully. Ravi thinks that since he has Indian roots, he will welcome Ravi into his circle of friends. Ravi could never be more wrong. Dillon has always picked on Joe, which is made even worse with his large size and his mother's new job. What will the guys do to make their fifth grade year work out for the best?

Reasons to Read

Problem solving skills are so needed in this world. The boys in the book both have the same problem:  Dillon Samreen. And finding a way to put him in his place becomes their main goal. Students need to have that understanding that problem solving skills can help them in so many ways in life.

The authors of the book also help students understand the culture of India and how it differs so much from our own. Once students understand that everyone is different, they can help new students as they enter their new schools. Being accepting of others helps everyone as they help others learn about new places.

Save Me a Seat is the perfect book to help students as they learn to accept new people and solve problems on their own.
Starting out fifth grade can be tough, especially when you are being teased by the bully in your class. What happens when two students solve their problem on their own?

Now that I have finished the Virginia Readers' Choice books for primary and elementary for this year, I'll start back with more mentor texts you can use in your classroom. I have enjoyed reading all of the books and can't wait to hear your favorites.

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  1. I LOVED this book! Having a high Indian population in my classroom was the reason I originally picked it up, and they were thrilled to see a character they could relate to (and teach me how to correctly pronoun the words as well). So glad it was put on the VRC list!


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