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I cannot believe that in less than 2 months, we will be out of school and on summer vacation!  It all came to light when I noticed that Farley's Currently is up and ready to go! 

OK ~ so the common theme is the warm weather!  Last week at this time, I had a snow day.  Today my car thermometer read 77!  I rode all the way to my meeting with the sunroof open!!  I love this weather, but my allergies are trying to get the best of me.  I will beat these!!!

I really need motivation to finish up some projects I am working on.  One of them I need for tomorrow, and I have NO motivation!

My hours are 7:30-3:00.  Our kids' hours are now 7:45-2:45 because of snow days.  We had to add 10 minutes to the beginning of the day and 10 minutes to the end to make up for all of our lost time.  At least my hours don't change!  The kids' last day is May 23rd, but I have workdays through May 30th.  Then, I am off for the summer!!  Like I said, less than two months left of school!

What are you currently up to?  Link up with Farley of Oh Boy Fourth Grade and let us all know!


  1. You had to add TIME to make up for the snow days??? Wow! Does that mean you have additional days AND time? That's just mind blowing!

    Life With Middle Schoolers

    1. Luckily, this plan doesn't make us go any extra days. Other school systems are going on Saturdays, taking Spring Break, or going extra days. I am just glad they are not making the teachers come in earlier or stay later. I wouldn't be able to make it!


  2. Our last day is May 30th too, but our kiddos will be there till the 29th. It's going to go fast! I live in Ohio and I'm ready for the warm weather to stay too!! Good luck with your allergies! I can totally relate.


  3. Andrea,
    I live in Georgia and my allergies are bad as well. Hang in there. We are also enjoying wonderful weather in Georgia.

    P.S. I have family in Virginia as well. My sister and I use to visit every summer when we were kids.

    1. My family used to live in Georgia, and my brother is still there. I know what you mean about the weather there. I just remember visiting them in the summer, and it being so hot. Hope your allergies are better soon!



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