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One Day, The End: Adding Details on Book Talk Thursday

Adding details to stories can be a struggle for many students, but the book One Day, The End can help students see the importance of adding details and change writing forever!

Writing can be tough for many students. As a teacher, it is one of the hardest things to teach. Students are all at different places with writing, and the different styles make it harder for students and teachers. When students are finally able to get their ideas on paper, they really struggle with the details. The book One Day, The End is a perfect mentor text for helping students realize that adding details is so important! (Affiliate links provided to fund book purchases.)

Counting Words: An Important Early Step in Reading

Phonemic Awareness activities are important for early readers. Counting words is an easy to do activity for many students.

As I begin another year with the kindergarten students, I always have to remember to start out with many phonemic awareness activities. So many times we want to jump in and start them off reading, without giving them the tools they need for success. Before children can read, they have to understand that sounds make words, and they all go together. Phonemic awareness is not phonics, but it is the understanding of the sounds that words make and being able to manipulate them.

We're in the Wrong Book! A Book Talk Thursday Genre Sort

Book genres can be tricky for many students, but this simple and fun way to sort will have kid begging for more books!

What happens if you go to the wrong place? You feel silly and try to find your way to the right place. Bella and Ben are back again after Bella's dog was eaten by the book. You can find that review {here}. So, what happens when Bella and Ben find themselves in the "wrong book"?

Virginia Readers Choice: It CAN Work for You and Your Students!

Virginia Readers Choice books offer so much opportunity for students to learn. Find ways you can make all students want to read each one!

It's all the rage ~ Virginia Readers Choice -right?! OK, so maybe you have a hard time getting your elementary students to read these magnificent books, but it can be done. It just takes a little ingenuity and passion for reading. Now that I have finished reviewing all of the Virginia Readers Choice books, I am ready to share how it can work for you and your classrom!

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