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Book Talk Thursday Takes the Fear Out of Moving with the Turtle of Oman

What would it be like to move to a foreign country? In today's Book Talk Thursday choice, Aref has to deal with just that. The Turtle of Oman by Naomi Shihab Nye tells the story of the week before Aref must move from Oman to Michigan. (Amazon affiliate links are used to fund book purchases.)

Just Let Them Play This Summer for Optimal Learning!

It's summer, and my kids aren't spending their time working on bridge activities to be ready for next year. They aren't practicing math skills to make them smarter and ready for the next grade. They aren't learning anything in a formal sense. But they ARE learning, learning so much more than they would from any activities I could force upon them.

Book Talk Thursday ~ The Map Trap

What happens when you are named after a town on a map en route to the hospital? Your life revolves around maps and all things about them. Alton Ziegler loves all things maps and has created secret maps about people throughout the school. The Map Trap by Andrew Clements, another Virginia Readers Choice, tells the story of his sixth grade school year. (Amazon Affiliate links help fund book purchases.)

Awkward Student Conversations and Ways to Make Them Easier

We've all been there before ~ you are in the hall at school or in your classroom, and a student starts that awkward conversation. How do we get out of that? What do you do? There are ways to make it better for everyone, and I have the solutions.

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