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Getting Teachers Ready for Book Talk Thursday

Getting ready for school can be tough for everyone, but what happens when the kids get the teacher ready?

It's Back to School time! As a matter of fact, I am on day 4 with kids already. I'm exhausted and tired, but after this week, it always get easier. So, how do we all get ready for Back to School? So many different ways, and sometimes we need some pointers. In the book How to Get Your Teacher Ready by Jean Reagan {Affiliate link provided to fund future book purchases.}, some young kids tell us how they can help their teacher get ready for the entire school year.

Celebrating Life's Moments for Young Children

Young children will love these books full of messages of understanding and reassurance in our diverse world.

Recently, I was offered a chance from Real MVP Kids to review some fun books for young children that help them in many ways. Can you imagine my excitement when I received all of their board books to read and review? These books are amazing for young children, so read on to find out more!

Surviving a Bad Day Like a Superhero for Book Talk Thursday

It's tough having a bad day, and even superheroes have them.  How do they cope with a bad day?

It is so strange to not be writing about the Virginia Readers' Choice books, but I am ready to dive into some more picture books we can all use with our students. My kids both love superheroes, so any time I see a book with superheroes in them, I pick them up and read them. Yesterday in the doctor's office, my daughter and I enjoyed this fun book, Even Superheroes Have Bad Days. (Affiliate link added to fund future book purchases.)

3 Ways to Get You Back to School Ready in No Time!

These simple ways to get ready to go back to school will have you moving in the right direction in no time!

I can't believe it's time to go back to school! I go back to school this week with inservice days and a little time to work in my room. But where has the time gone? I have truly enjoyed my time at home, but I have begun gearing up for back to school! But it's time to get ready for that trek back into the school and be ready for our students!

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