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The Fourteenth Goldfish on Book Talk Thursday

The Fourteenth Goldfish is a fun book that everyone will enjoy! The message is one that students will never forget either!

Have you ever wanted to go back and redo life, especially as a middle school student? So many of us would, and Ellie and her grandfather realize so much about life in the Virginia Readers Choice book The Fourteenth Goldfish. (Affiliate links provided to fund book purchases.)

Enhance Comprehension with Directed Listening Thinking Activity

Using Directed Listening Thinking Activity helps students with comprehension skills and strategies. These simple steps can be used with almost any book!

How do you get students involved in your read-alouds? A simple solution comes out in the DLTA (Directed Listening and Thinking Activity). Students remain involved as you read aloud and gain important comprehension strategies all at the same time! As I begin the school year, I spend much of my time working with all student groups on various comprehension skills and strategies.

Book Talk Thursday Takes a Stand!

Jack Strong Takes a Stand is a perfect book to help students better understand author's purpose. Over-scheduling kids can harm them sometimes, and Jack reminds us all of how much they still need to be a kid.
Kids these days seem to be overstretched. They don't get to enjoy begin kids and would love to have some freedom to go out and enjoy time with their friends. What happens when one middle school student decides to do something about his over-scheduled life? In Jack Strong Takes a Stand, a Virginia Readers Choice, we find out exactly what could happen when kids don't have time to be kids. (Affiliate links provided to fund book purchases.)

Making Pointers Work Miracles for Your Students

Using pointers helps many students as they are learning to read. These motivating pointers will keep their eyes on the pages of the book.

As young students begin to read, they need some help along the way. They need to focus more precisely on the words to gain confidence while reading and ensure one-to-one correspondence. As they are learning to read, many of them will actually use their fingers and prefer them. But, what about those students who need a little push to point to the words to focus on the words they are supposed to read?

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