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Compound Words That Make Sense

Using games to work with compound words makes it more exciting for our students. These fast paced games keep them asking for more while practicing making and reading words.

This year, my district finally purchased LLI, Leveled Literacy Intervention, for me! I love it and all of the lessons, but I don't like that it has taken away some of my ability to create new and fun lessons for my students. I decided that after every 10 lessons, we would have a "game day". We have had some game days this year, and I was excited that my second graders had been working on compound words. Though this seems so easy, I love that I could help them see that smaller words can make bigger words.

Skeleton Hiccups on Book Talk Thursday

Skeleton can't get rid of his hiccups and keeps everyone laughing as he and ghost try their hardest. This simple book helps young students understand problem and solution in a simple way.

As we get closer to Halloween, I am always looking for new books to read with my students and children. Lately my kindergarten groups have been bringing a book from their shelf for me to read, since they can't read them. One child picked up a simple and fun book that had my group of five boys laughing: Skeleton Hiccups. (Affiliate links provided.)

Word Hunts: The Cornerstone of Word Study Instruction

Today I am over in Literacy Land with a focus on word hunts. Find out what they are and how you can make them work in your classroom! Click {here} to take you to the post!

See you in Literacy Land!

A Dog Wearing Shoes Joins Book Talk Thursday!

Finding a dog with no tags can be wonderful, but someone is missing their own pet. A Dog Wearing Shoes shows how everyone must show compassion to do the right thing.

Yes, you read that right! Today's Book Talk Thursday highlights a book about a dog who wears shoes! Have you ever seen such a thing? I've seen a dog in clothes before, but not in shoes. Find out more about A Dog Wearing Shoes in today's Book Talk Thursday. (Affiliate links provided to fund book purchases for this blog.)

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