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Using Question-Answer Relationship (QAR) to Enhance Your Literacy Instruction

For years I have loved to use different ways to get my students thinking about what they are reading. In this high stakes testing world, it is more important than ever.
Using the QAR strategy can be helpful for many students as they read various texts. It helps them to think about where they can find the answers to the questions.

That is why I have embraced using the Question-Answer Relationship with my students, especially since I work with the struggling readers.

Growing Up and Learning Life Skills

The Real MVP Kids are back and growing up. Find out more about how their experiences can help children with their own experiences.

A few months ago, I reviewed some great books about the Real MVP Kids. {Read that post here.} They are great board books, but what about your older children?! Good news ~ The Read MVP Kids are growing up and learning what it takes to deal with everyday issues in the real world. Their new "Help My Understand" series is perfect for helping children understand and deal with their feelings.

Wonder: Finding Out What It's All About

Kindness is "in" now, but what do we really need to do to show it? Every day is a new day to show kindness in all we do!

We've all read it. We've seen the movie. We've laughed. We've cried. And then thought about what it all means. The message is clear. We all need to chose to be kind to those around us, but what does that mean? Here is what it is and what it isn't.

Believing in the Magic of Christmas

Using various comprehension skills can help students find theme in the books they read. Using read alouds helps them on their journey to better comprehension. Santa's Book of Names is perfect for that.

You may have thought that I missed a week of Book Talk Thursday, but I have been preparing this little unit to share with all of you. I have linked up with all of my friends at The Reading Crew for a Facebook Live hop. If you missed it, the video is below, highlighting my book choice. 
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