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You Must Be This Tall for Book Talk Thursday

One problem and many solutions for Frank and Harold. What will they do to ride The Rattler at the fair?

Have you ever been to an amusement park and can't ride a ride because you weren't tall enough? What about your kids? This has happened to my family plenty of times, but we follow the rules and move on. But you will be surprised at what Frank and Harold do to ride the Rattler at the fair in the book You Must Be This Tall by Steve Weinberg. {Affiliate inks provided to fund future book purchases.}

Hanging out with Nerdy Birdy on Book Talk Thursday

Using Nerdy Birdy will help students better understand author's craft and why they author uses specific ideas to make a story interesting. Delving deeper into author's purpose helps students better understand the ideas in a story.

It's another week of Book Talk Thursday, and I hope you are ready for another Virginia Readers Choice book! Today I am actually presenting at the Virginia State Reading Association (VSRA) conference with my friend Melissa from Don't Let the Teacher Stay Up Late about big kids and picture books. One of the books we will share is Nerdy Birdy by Aaron Reynolds. {Affiliate links provided to fund future book purchases.} I used this book with my fifth grade students as we discussed Author's Craft.

Opening Up a Character on Book Talk Thursday

CeCe Bell's Chuck and Woodchuck gives a heart-warming look into the world of shy children who need a little push to help them make friends. Using with children of all ages will help them as they venture into the world of friendships and beyond.

I'm loving all of the Virginia Readers' Choice books for next year! I have found so many ways to use them all,especially with the older students in our school. Since 5th grade won't get to read and vote next year, I am using the books with them. Reading picture books with older students helps with so many other skills. But that is a post for another time! Today I am highlighting another heart-warming and fun book by CeCe Bell, a Virginia author:  Chuck and Woodchuck. {Affiliate links provided to fund future book purchases.}

Book Summary

Caroline tells the story of how she and Chuck become friends in the first grade. She and Chuck are both shy, but when Chuck brings his friend Woodchuck (a real woodchuck) for show and tell, everything changes. As the days go on throughout the year, Chuck helps Caroline out through this friend Woodchuck. He gives her a hat when it's cold and a cupcake at Halloween when hers drops. Each time, Chuck begins to warm up to Caroline a little more. With the help of Woodchuck, Chuck opens up to a new friendship with Caroline.

St. Patrick's Day Activities for All Ages

St. Patrick's Day can be fun for all ages! These fun games can make it fun for everyone!

There are tons of activities out there for students to enjoy St. Patrick's Day. So many times we find some that are appropriate for one age level or another. The three activities in this post span various age groups.

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