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Character Development Made Simple with Ada Twist, Scientist

Character development is one of those tough ones. How do you get students to see how a character changes throughout a book? How do they see how the author has used those character traits to develop a character? Today's Virginia Readers' Choice and Book Talk Thursday selection will help students better understand characters in a story.
Character development can be tough for some of our students. Using picture books with strong characters can help them as they learn this important concept.

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If you have read Rosie Revere, Engineer, you will love Ada Twist, Scientist by Andrea Beaty. A young girl as a scientist will have girls (and boys) excited about science again.

Solving Problems One Step at a Time

Problems come up all the time for every one of us, but we can all find a way to make it happen. In today's Virginia Readers' Choice selection, a giraffe has to find a way to show the rest of the world who he really is.
It's not always easy to solve problems in our own lives. This giraffe shows us that there is no one way to solve any given problem.

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I Am Not a Chair! by Ross Burach is the perfect book to help young readers realize that there are more than one solution to problems.

Two Amazing Literacy Books...Three Amazing Giveaways!

I can't believe the school year is almost up! I only have 15 more days left, and it seems like eternity. I know many of you will be in school for a few more weeks after and have a lot more to do before the end is here, but we all feel it! And this week is Teacher Appreciation Week, and I have some great goodies to give away.
Professional books are a great way to get some professional development on your own time. These two books make literacy ideas easy and readily available for all teachers!

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Finding Courage at Any Age

Courage, we all need it at some point to get through so many situations. Where do we find it, and how do we learn such an important life skill? It takes more than just one try, and even a young six-year old girl can help us all as we find courage in all we do.
Having courage is more than just doing things when you are scared. Young Emma tells us all about how we need courage in many different situations in her own book.

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Emma Lindberg, a six-year old girl tells children of all ages that having courage is more than fighting dragons in a story in her book Emma's Book of Courage. She reminds us all that we need to have courage in so many different situations.

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