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Back to School is almost here, and we are getting you ready for the new year with a fun product swap hosted by Cara Taylor of Creative Playground!  It is also my Book Talk Thursday too!

I was so excited to be paired with Lisette from Speech Sprouts because I tutor a kindergarten student who also needs some help in the area of speech.  Lisette has some wonderful products in her store that are for more than just speech!  They are perfect for reading instruction too!

All About Lisette

You may have seen her in the newsletter this weekend!

 She has been a speech language pathologist working with kids in preschool to 4th grade for 15 years.   Before becoming a speech pathologist, she had been a manufacturing supervisor, a stay-at-home mom and  a substitute. When subbing in the preschool class one day, the speech language pathologist came in, and she found herself thinking “I can do that!” After going back to school to get her masters, she is now a speech pathologist who also does some speech therapy part-time at her local hospital, mostly with adults.

She is married and has two sons, both in their twenties now and two four kittens.  She is originally from upstate New York and now lives in Texas. 

The Product

The product I chose to review is her Oceans of Fun Bundle.  
Speech Therapy Oceans of Fun Bundle
This was full of fun activities I could use with the student I tutor.  

We started off with the Diver, Diver book.  This book focused on the "who" questions.  It follows the repetitive pattern of Brown, Bear, Brown Bear with an underwater theme.  While reading the book, we glued pictures of the animals in the book.  Here he is reading the book.

Since my student needs some extra help with syllables, we worked on listening for syllables with this page. He did really well with it!

After working through those, I read the book Smiley Shark aloud to him.
What a super cute and fun book!  In the story, Smiley Shark wants to play with the other animals in the ocean, but they are too scared of him.  When a fisherman catches the other fish in his net, Smiley thinks of a unique way to help his friends!

After reading the book, we did some fun activities that were included in the bundle.  First, we did some question and answer from the book.  I love that the unit included questions that were perfect for younger students and older students.  We used the questions for younger students, and he picked from them.  The questions I used were categorized as who, what, when, where, why, which, and rhyme.  The questions had answer choices on them to help with choosing the correct answer.  These were meant to be used in a game where students answered the questions to get fish to put in their bowls, but we didn't use it this way due to time.

Then we retold the story with a story board.  Instead of laminating it for him to use, we glued the pictures down and were still able to see the story.

Then we created the puzzle by reading words as singular or plural, which is something the he struggles with. When he read the words correctly, he was able to place the puzzle pieces where they went with the template.  He really enjoyed doing this!  Though it was meant to be a game for two or more players, we made it work for us. After he made the puzzle, he read the rest of the words on the cards.

There were other components that we didn't use, but they were meant for older students.  I really love the versatility of it!  I also like that she included a low-ink option. I definitely used that one!

I really enjoyed this product, and so did the student I tutor!  Head on over to Speech Sprouts to find out what product Lisette used and reviewed!
Speech Sprouts Therapy
Lisette has Oceans of Fun on sale during the hop, or you can win a copy by entering the Rafflecopter below! Good luck!

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  1. I love how colorful her products are! It's so fun to read more about products for young kids now. I teach 4th grade, but I've actually been buying a few products here and there to use with my son :) makes helping him learn so much easier!

    Dirty Hands & Lesson Plans

    1. The products on TPT are great for helping learners. I am glad your son enjoys them!

      I do like the colorful aspect of her products and am glad to have found her! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Andrea, I so enjoyed getting to know you and having the opportunity to "swap" and review your Compound Word Match-up product! I have several students who need work in this area and will really enjoy it. SLP's and reading specialists both address so many of the same core language skills- this collaboration was wonderful!

    1. I really enjoyed the collaboration as well! I am glad your students will benefit from the Compound Word Match-Up. So looking forward to future collaborations!


  3. Thanks for participating in the swap friend!
    Creative Playground

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