Teachers Appreciation Blog Hop ~ My Favorite Teacher

I love Teacher Appreciation Week because we always get a little bit more attention than usual for the hard work we do.  And I am glad that I have been able to get together with a bunch of my blogger friends to show our appreciation for each of our readers with a big blog hop and giveaway.

Today we are highlighting our favorite teachers, and you can enter for a prize of $20 to Teachers Pay Teachers, just in time for the big sale! 

I always knew I wanted to be a teacher, but my desire was confirmed in fourth grade.  My teacher, Mrs. Taylor made learning so much fun!  I attended a small private school, so my class was a third/fourth combination.  She never really made it feel like a combo class but that we were all on the same level.  I remember doing fun things, like writing my first book about snow (something I had never seen, growing up in Louisiana) and learning how to use Cuisinaire Rods to help with math.  She was the only teacher I had who incorporated learning centers in our day, making the day go by so much quicker!  She was known as progressive during the 1980's, keeping up with new trends.  And for that, I loved school and thrived!  I loved fourth grade because Mrs. Taylor made it so much fun!

I don't have any pictures of me with Mrs. Taylor, but I do have a fun picture of me with my best friend all through elementary school.  We are getting ready for a Mardi Gras parade ~ not that kind, but a much tamer version!
I'm the one with a white sweater on.  Notice the rolled up sleeves in February!

Enter below for your chance at a $20 Teachers Pay Teachers gift card!  And then hop on over to the next stop, Comprehension Connection!

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Stop by again on Wednesday to find out my three teacher must haves! 


  1. Andrea,
    I went to a private school as well. My class was a first/second combo. Mrs. Taylor sounds like a true teaching gem. :)

  2. Wow, our teachers do sound very similar! So ahead of their time! Love it.

  3. First - I love you blog and it's name - super cute and powerful too! :-)
    Your pic with your best friend is adorable! I am glad you had such a wonderful 4th grade teacher!
    Happy Teacher Appreciation Day!
    BigTime Literacy

  4. Your easy to pick out, Andrea. I love your picture, and it's neat that you remember Mrs. Taylor so vividly. I hope she gets to read your post.

  5. Andrea, love your post! That letter sweater is so sweet!
    Reading and Writing Redhead


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