Five for Friday ~ March 28, 2014

It's Friday!  Linking up my week with Kacey at Doodle Bugs Teaching is always fun!
1.  I was helping with writing in the third grade classroom on Monday.  They were writing thank you letters to anyone, and the teacher (long term sub) gave them very little guidance.  So, when kids get little guidance, here is what you get!

I texted the picture of it to their teacher who is on maternity leave, and she about died laughing.  I am STILL laughing about it!

2.  Tuesday ended up being a snow day, so Ginny Beth and I ventured out on the slushy roads to go shoe shopping.  KMart is having a "Buy One, Get one for $1" kids' shoe sale.  I bought all of these goodies and baseball gloves for less than $50!  The soccer cleats were $3 per pair!!!!!  I bought two sizes because I didn't know what size Zack would need in the fall.  If the smaller size doesn't fit, I can always sell them and make back what I paid for them!

3.  I have been working with my second graders on nonfiction text structures.  They are loving it!  This week was compare/contrast.  Here are our bubble maps turned into Venn Diagrams for the passage about frogs and birds we read.  Their background knowledge really got in the way for a lot of it.  I had to keep reminding them to focus on the passage, which was about their eggs and young, not feathers and shells.

I have also been working on it with my third graders, and I was so excited when one of the kids remembered how we had made a Double Bubble Thinking Map with cards and string and then put hula hoops over it.  You can read this post {here}. I asked him why we did that, and he was able to explain it back, remembering the books and everything!  Wow!!  That was over a year ago.  Best part ~ he is a huge behavior problem in our school, but he remembers so much of what we have done!  Those are my favorite stories!!

4.  Have you been through the Spring Has Sprung Poetry Blog Hop?  There are 15 bloggers with poetry related teaching ideas and freebies.  Some of them even have giveaways!  Mine was part of my Book Talk Thursday, and I have a freebie and a giveaway too!  Stop on by that post and enjoy!

5.  And I leave you with a little bit of spring.  It looks like next week will actually be pretty warm, and I am ready for it!  Here are some daffodils from my yard, ready for warmth!

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  1. That letter is a hoot, Andrea! 6 going on 26! What are you teaching your kids?? Picking up chicks on his four-wheeler. ;-) Kids these days. LOL! Have a great week!


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