Happy 3rd Birthday!

Today is my little girl, Ginny Beth’s third birthday!  She is quite the princess and little diva!  I am definitely NOT ready for 13, but that is a long way off, I hope!

As we move into being three, we are beginning to move away from the board books that we have loved.  She has begun to listen to more stories and enjoy every one of them, especially fairy tales.  I love this quote from Albert Einstein!

Both of my kids have loved fairy tales, and Ginny Beth is all girl!  We don’t even really read the Disney versions, but many of the others.  Now that we are moving to stories and big girl books, here are some that we will be reading over the many years to come!
And since she is turning 3 today, I am having a 10% off sale in my Teachers Pay Teachers store today and tomorrow!  Head on over and start some shopping!
Happy birthday, sweet Ginny Beth!  What a fun three years it has been!  And here’s to many more years of fun reading times!

And head on over to my friend Amy's blog, Eclectic Educating to enter her 300 Follower giveaway!  There are many prizes up for grabs!


  1. Your big girl is adorable! May all her dreams come true!

  2. Happy birthday, Ginny Beth! They really do grow up so fast. I haven't started fairy tales with Keagan yet, but it will come soon. I already have the big book. We love to sing nursery rhymes.

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  3. I hope your daughter had a wonderful birthday! Fairy tales sound perfect to me! They do teach a lot of important life lessons...and they are FUN! Thanks again for helping with the giveaway!

    Eclectic Educating


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