Three Amazing Giveaways!

It is Sunday afternoon, and I have had a super busy weekend!  I have always HATED my minivan and cried the day we brought it home, but I learned to embrace it.  We had traded it after driving a perfectly good Honda Pilot that served us well and then had nothing but problems from day 1 from our used Odyssey.  Just in the past three months, we have made multiple "car payments" to get little things fixed.  So, yesterday, after 5 years of hating my van, I am back in a newer but not brand new Honda Pilot!  Here she is!  I need a good name for her!  Leave a suggestion for a good name as a comment with your email, and I will choose a winner from random around 9 PM today to choose any item from my TPT store!
And, we have a winner!  The winner goes to commenter #4, Amy from Eclectic Educating!  Congratulations and check your email!  Thank you to everyone for the fun names!  I really like the rhyming idea, so I think I am going to go with Rhonda the Honda from the winner!!  Love it!

Now, to some other giveaway business!  Two awesome giveaways are going on right now, and I don't want you to miss out on them!

The first one is from Tammy at Dots of Fun.  I love her stuff, and she also has many other clip artists who have donated a lot of clip art to her 700 TPT Follower giveaway!  Go check it out!
And, Bex at Reading and Writing Redhead and Sarah at Teaching Resources for the Classroom are giving away 2 $50 gift cards!  You must go check that one out too!
Happy entering!  I know mine might be kind of cheesy, but it is fun nonetheless!


  1. Okay, maybe you could call your first Honda Pilot as "Pete", then this one could be "Repeat". Hopefully, it will repeat the great fortune you had with the first. Congratulations!

  2. I always like rhyming names so being a girl maybe you can call her "Violet the Pilot"!

    1. sorry
      congrats on your new ride! I have a Honda too. Love em!

  3. My Honda pilot's name is Zippy. I love her. She has served our family faithfully. I would have cried too if I had to give her up for a minivan. I hope you enjoy your beautiful new pilot. :-)

  4. Love the new ride! How about Rhonda the Honda?! Thanks for sharing the great giveaways!

    Eclectic Educating

  5. How about "Hoppy"

  6. We have a Pilot! Love it!!!



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