Flash Freebie Day 2 ~ Sight Word Walls

It is another day for some more freebie fun!

I am going to start off with a quick book review for a set of books sold through Educents.  I was asked by Educents to review the books and share them with all of my readers!  The bundle is of three different books that teach a wonderful lesson to children.  You can grab it by clicking {here} or on the picture below.  Below is a synopsis of each of the books.
Fraidy Cat is a sweet story about a kitten who is born on a shelf in the barn.  He refuses to leave the comfort of his shelf and watches a mud dauber as he goes in and out of the barn to build his nest.  The book is full of great vocabulary and beautiful watercolor pictures.  It teaches a wonderful lesson that you "could never get somewhere by going nowhere".

And We Helped is a book that tells the process of making bread.  There are great photographs showing children going through the steps of the process.  An adult explains all of the processes, which is a great learning tool for some tough ideas.

The Day the Snapdragons Snapped Back is a great story about doing the right thing.  A mother dog talks to her puppy about why he should not dig up the flowers in the garden.  She tells the story of how heartbroken the owner was the chipmunks ate the flowers.  The puppy makes a choice to do the right thing because of how much the owner loves her flowers.

Now for you freebie!  I had this as my Facebook Frenzy, and I have listed it in my Teachers Pay Teachers store.  If you missed it, you can grab it in my Teachers Pay Teachers store for one more day!  If you downloaded it from Facebook, you can head on over and leave some Feedback love!

It is my Back to School Portable Word Walls.  They include two sets of word walls that can be placed on file folders.  One is with the Preprimer - 1st grade Dolch lists, and the other includes the 2nd-3rd grade Dolch words.  Click {here} or on the picture below to grab your copy!

And stay tuned tomorrow for Flash Freebie Day 3.

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