Farewell, Premium Graphics Club!

How am I going to make it through my week anymore?  I loved getting those emails, opening them up, and then being inspired!  Which emails, you ask?  My Premium Graphics Club emails from Mel at Graphics from the Pond!!

Each weekday, we all received an email with a SET of graphics, frames, or papers to use in our resources.  Wow!  I received so many graphics that I had to move some items around in  my Google Drive to make more space, or I would have to upgrade!!

And, when I needed something changed a little, she would fix it up for us!  How awesome is that?!  She also was really great about taking requests and working to get them ready for us.  I didn't request anything, but I did enjoy when others had requests.

I really enjoyed the inspiration the graphics game me.  I even used some of the frames to revamp some of my earlier, not-so-classy TPT items.  And then, when I made something, the first graphics I looked at to make the cover pages were my Premium Club graphics.  Then I would be inspired again and again!

I am linking up today with some other Premium Club members at Mrs. Poultney's Ponderings to show off our favorite products from the Premium Club!
My absolute favorite product I created with the graphics I received was my The Farmer Said sight word reader.

When I first received my set of Farm graphics {which happened to be a week long set}, I knew I could do something with them.  What, I wasn't sure, but my first grade group needed some major sight word help, and I needed to write a book to make it work for them.  This book was my labor of love for the week, and they loved it!  Click on the picture below to pick up a copy!

Since I had so many graphics from Mel,  I used them a LOT in my freebies too.  My favorite freebie is my Summer Themed ABC Order Puzzles.  Click on the picture below for the freebie!  The full set is for sale {here} in my TPT store too.

So, thank you, Mel, for a wonderful year of graphics!  I will miss them!  And, if you ever have a great club for graphics again, I will be right there to sign up for it and will be prepared with more space in my Google Drive or Dropbox accounts!

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  1. Thanks for linking up Andrea! I love the look of the farmer sight word book, in fact I made an emergent reader with the scrappy cat graphics and have another one in the works. I will miss those email as well but I have such a huge clipart collection to work from now, she did an amazing job.

    Mrs Poultney's Ponderings


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