Book Talk Thursday ~ Kites Freebie!! {Giveaway Day 4}

So, it is a busy week!  I still have Book Talk Thursday, but today is Giveaway Day 4!  And today ~ EVERYONE WINS!  With a freebie!  Read through Book Talk Thursday to get your freebie!

April is Kite Month, and the kids in the neighborhood have been flying their kites all over the place!  It is so much fun to watch them as they run and play with them.  But this is my favorite kite flying venture of them all!
So, with the standards focusing so much on nonfiction and now pairing with nonfiction, I have two books to share about kites.

The first book is Catch the Wind!  All About Kites by Gail Gibbons.
Catch the Wind!: All about Kites
The book is about two children, Katie and Sam, who go to a kite shop to buy a kite for the kite festival.  Ike, the shop owner, tells the kids all about kites as he shows them different types.  The book is full of great illustrations and information about not only the types of kites, but the history of kites.  Students will love the kites in the book as they learn about them.  The back of the book includes directions to make and launch your own kite.

After reading the book about kites to the students, we would then move on to a fiction book.  As I grew up I always read the book Curious George and the Kite with my brother who loved Curious George.  But, I would love for the kids to actually read a book.
So, I found the perfect book for the students to read:  Curious George:  The Kite.

It is an easy reader that young students will actually be able to read. The story is the "kite" part of the book Curious George Flies a Kite with a modern twist.  Curious George goes out on a windy day and meets Bill who lets him fly his kite.  George takes off with the kite and has to be saved by the man in the yellow hat.  The back of the book includes directions to make a paper airplane and kite safety.

So, for the giveaway for today!  My very first freebie on the blog was my easy reader, Fly a Kite.  But, I really didn't LOVE the clip art!  I was so excited when Michele from The 3AM Teacher put out her Kite, Clouds, and Kids Clip Art!  It is perfect!  So, I have updated my reader and am giving it to each of you!  Click on the picture below or here to grab your copy!
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And don't forget to head on over for the finale on Day 5!  This has been so much fun!

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  1. Kites...a way for all of us to let the kid out in us! THANKS for sharing and stop by anytime!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing. The clip art is cute!

  3. This is so precious. You are a good writer. I like the sequencing cards you included at the end too. Gotta love 3 AM graphics, these are so darling...great choice! Thank you!

  4. What a great idea! Thanks for sharing.


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