500 Follower and Blogiversary Giveaway Day 3 ~ Emergent Readers and "Reading Lights"

So, have you had fun entering my week of giveaways?!  If you haven't entered Day 1 with a chance to win a $25 gift card or Day 2 ~ the clip art extravaganza, go now!  And then come back to enter today's!

Now for Day 3!

First of all, I have to tell you about a new tactic I am using to get kids to look at the words to read and not me.  The other day I was walking through the grocery store, when these cool finger lights caught my eye!
I love that they say "Great for parties, dancing, and more!"  I am going with the more!  I bought three packs of them right on the spot to use with my students as they read!  At first, I thought, "Andrea, you are crazy!  This is going to be a disaster!"  But I laid the ground rules and stuck to them ~ use them only for reading, or I get them back!  It works like a charm!  Anyway, the kids put them on their fingers and use them to track the words as they read.  My third graders have been using them to track the passage as I read it to them.  They love them!  Here are my first graders using them.

Aren't they great?!  Well, I bought two extra sets for you to win!  Then I thought, "Wait a minute!  The winner needs something to use with their students to read!"  So, I am putting FIVE of my emergent readers FREE for 24 hours!  From 6:45 AM this morning to 6:45 AM on Thursday morning, you can get these five for free at my TPT store!    Just click on the pictures to take you there!    All of the emergent readers below are available in my TPT store for $3 each!  You can win any 5 items from my store in the giveaway, and these would be great to have!  Click on the pictures to take you to each one!

Enter below with the Rafflecopter to win the two sets of finger lights AND any five items from my store!  Plus, don't forget to grab these five easy readers before they go back to full price!  Please leave feedback letting others know what you think!

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  1. It's April 10th and I'm wearing a sweater to work...... Gotta LOVE Kansas weather! :o) Thanks for the freebies!!


  2. Thanks for the freebies! I live in NC and am wearing shorts today.
    I am glad that I am not in Kansas. I am soooo ready for spring!

  3. Great giveaway! Those lights are so cute! I am from Nebraska and we are not wearing shorts either!

  4. Love the Giveaway! Too cute! I am from Arizona and although it is warm enough to wear shorts, I am not. (I think they need to see the sun before I let them come out!) ;)

  5. Andrea,

    I love those light-up finger pointers! I saw them at Target around the holidays. I regretted not purchasing that day because they were sold olod when I returned for them. They're great for stocking stuffers and for literacy centers. I secretly hope to win them for myself. :) I'm running in the Electric Run (in the dark) in Philly this summer!

    Happy Blogiversary!

    Read with Me ABC

  6. Thank you for sharing these reader books. I love them and can't wait to use them with my early readers.

  7. Thanks for all the freebies!


  8. Cute pointers! Thanks for the freebie!


  9. I love the light readers! Cute idea!
    Karen Rowland
    Adventures With Firsties


  10. Wearing sandals in sunny Florida. I am still waiting for my finger lights that I ordered from Amazon about a month ago. I think they are being shipped from China. beth.shavelson@browardschools.om

  11. Great ideas that I will use in my classroom right away. I love the finger lights! Always a teacher.

  12. Great giveaway! Would love to have some of these for my reading groups!


  13. Thanks for the awesome readers!

  14. As a new reading specialist, I love reading your posts!

  15. great giveaway!!! would love to use them with my class.


  16. Love these! My students would love them! I have a few that have trouble keeping up with what they are reading, these would be great for them!

  17. Thank you for your giveaways! I hope I win!

  18. Your emergent readers are fantastic! I just love all the new things out there to help kids (and engage them!) with their reading. I wish finger lights were around when I was a kid!


  19. This looks awesome! dbednarsk@yahoo.com

  20. Thanks for this opportunity!

  21. Thanks so much for the opportunity.


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