Five for Friday x2 and a FREEBIE!

WOW!!  That was a lot of something!  I am off on another "no snow" day Friday, which was needed.  For some reason, I have been sleepy all weekend!  Maybe because I have been sleep walking and didn't know it!  My husband told me I did last night.  Well, anyway, onto some real business!  I am linking up with Michelle, aka The 3AM Teacher and Doodle Bugs Teaching for both of their Five for Fridays.
1.  My Friday Find:  I have been searching for the perfect purse for spring for quite some time.  I actually saved some of my last TPT payout for one off of etsy, if I needed to go that route.  I love a crossbody since I have a little one to tote around.  I don't have the resources to hike the purse up my arm all the time.  On the other hand, I wanted a purse I can just throw stuff in and not have to work a jigsaw puzzle to make sure it all fits.  I found it last weekend and sent my husband back to get it on President's Day for the extra 20% off!  It is a medium size crossbody made by The Sak.  LOVE this purse!  It has a  compartment on the flap to put those things I use every once in a while in and a big compartment to throw things in!  Love it!!!!!!  Mine is in a chocolate brown color, not the color below.
2. Friday Frazzle!  My printer!  UGH!!!  My printer at work stopped printing anything black.  I need the black ink quite a bit, so this was not a good thing!  I asked Mr. Computer Guy if it could be fixed, and he said probably not.  AND, I had just purchased a good chunk of ink for it, so I started looking for printers that matched the ink I have.  Nope, don't make any of those anymore!  So, I asked Mr. Computer Guy which type of printer to buy, and he said Wal Mart!  Now, to go get it and set it up!  Anyone need any HP 60 ink in black or color?  I will make you a deal!  Seriously!  Also, Wal Mart printer recommendations are welcome!  Any ideas?
3.  Friday Funny:  Each week I spend time with my kindergarteners working on Concept of Word, especially since it is my goal for the year.  So, we were working on tracking our poem "It's Raining, It's Pouring" on Wednesday.  One of the students took the alligator claw pointer, closed his eyes, and tried to track the poem!  I had to hold back laughter and anger at the same time!  What a funny look he gave me when I told him that just wasn't going to work!!
Alligator claw tracking!

4.  Friday Freebie:  I am always behind on things when it comes to holidays.  I just don't do well with planning ahead because they just seem to sneak up on me.  So, I realized that this week is Read Across America.  So, I started working on some fun activities for the kids which will be in a pack posted later this weekend.  I started by making my Silly Sentences activity.  It includes 6 sentences, 3 statements and 3 questions for students to put together.  There is also a recording sheet.  Thank you to Michelle from The 3AM Teacher for the fun graphics!  Grab it in my TPT store by clicking here or on the picture below!

5.  Friday Feature:  Giveaways!!!!!  I love them, so I am featuring a few here!

First off, I am giving away a copy of the MyMemories Digital Scrapbooking Software on my blog.  Click here to see what I did with it and enter!

Mrs. Leeby and Kimberly Ann are having a great 2/300 Follower Giveaway!  Lots of gift cards at stake!!
So, what are you waiting for?  How was your week? 


  1. Andrea - I use that ink! I have an HP - wouldn't recommend it.

  2. Oops email me,


  3. LOVE the freebie and thanks for blogging about the giveaway!! :)

    Kimberly Ann
    Live, Laugh, I love Kindergarten

  4. Let us know what you find out about the printers! I want color laser printer really badly, but my husband will never go for it because I think the toner costs a fortune.
    Literacy Spark

  5. Cute blog! I love your "Friday" categories! What a fun way to organize your thoughts!

  6. Printers can be a nightmare! I bought an HP 6515 at Costco for $80. It's okay, but the ink does last a bit longer because I buy the XL packs. Your blog design is super cute:)

    Surfin' Through Second

  7. Thanks for the shout out! You are the best and I love the freebie!
    On my way to enter to win yours!

    Learning With Mrs. Leeby

  8. Ugh printer problems are such a bummer! I hope you are able to find a good one! I have one from staples HP I think and its wireless I just love printing without being connected! =)

  9. Love the Silly Sentences freebie for Read Across America. I also had to purchase a new printer b/c mine stopped printing black too, and I had just bought new ink for it!

    Common Core Teacher's Toolbox


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