Fun, Busy,and Sad Week

This has been the longest week ever!  We are in school all week until 3:00 Friday.  My son got off yesterday, and I am jealous!  We have also had sick kids out the wazoo!  One class of 25 kids had only 15 by the end of the day.  One of my groups only had two in it yesterday, and another has had 3 out of six all week.  We need to be off of school just to recoup and stay away from the germs!

I am making the best of it, though!  Whatever kids have been here have made play dough ornaments.  I forgot to make the dough Monday night, so I got up at 4:30 Tuesday morning, got on the treadmill, and made some dough, all before jumping in the shower!
Once I got to school, we started making the ornaments with cookie cutters.

Now they are drying until Friday. 

Another fun thing I have done this week is to use jingle bells and the fun sound boxes from Rowdy in Room 300 for stretching out words.  The kids love it!!!

How about these pointers?  The kids really had so much fun with these as we have been reading Christmas songs all week!  I just attached a jingle bell to a colored popsicle stick for these fun pointers.  I had them in my stash of craft supplies, so I paid nothing for them!
I have also been testing students on various aspects of literacy this week.  It has consumed a good bit of my time, but I have put the other students to work!

Now for the sad.  Yesterday my neighbors moved to Minnesota right after school.  I was lucky enough to tell them goodbye.  Zack has been in a funk ever since.  The only reason he ate the broccoli tonight was because it was left over from their house.  Here are the final pictures of the gang of kids.  Now, to find the perfect neighbors to move in!

The guys
The gang
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Until next time!


  1. Wow how are you able to get up at 430? Wow!!! I knw about the sick kids , I had 6 out of 20 out on Monday. Yikes. We ll need a break !

  2. I usually get up a little before 5, but when I realized I had forgotten to make the dough, I couldn't go back to sleep. The crazy part is that I wasn't really tired the rest of the day! Hope this break will get rid of the "sickness"!


  3. I wasn't out until Friday either, but at 12:30. :) Enjoy your break!
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First


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