"Where's My Voice?" Teacher Tip

Yesterday morning I woke up to NO voice!  Oh my!  How am I going to teach reading with no voice??  I probably should have taken the day off, but I had so much I needed to do for this week, so I went in and tried to do my normal weekly routine.  No way was that going to work!  I ended up going back to the room with Kindergarten and just helping out where I was needed.  Today, I got a game plan together.  I planned a lot of fun and easy activities the students could do without a lot of my voice.  (I had this whole blog post planned all day and then found this wonderful linky from Miss Kindergarten about Teacher Tips.)  Here is my teacher tip:  When you lose your voice, have a game plan full of activities the students will enjoy and be able to do without a lot of your voice.  Here was my day in pictures!
Third grade cutting and pasting sequence

Third grade long vowel flip books and sentences
 Kindergarten letter match
From Target's Dollar Spot

Rainbow Alphabet Match Cards (Click here to get these from Allison Palm's TPT)

Whoops!  These don't match!

Clip the Beginning Sounds from Make, Take, and Teach

Second Grade Cut and Paste Sequencing
 My other second grade group read What the Pilgrim Boy Saw on Thanksgiving from my friend Sarah Hankinson's store.  Check out her blog at Learning is for Superstars!
The book with my fun pointers

The word box activity
 Third grade came back again and worked on a tough sort using the QAR strategy, which we have worked on extensively.  Here is the sort based on The Three Little Pigs.  You can grab it here for half price in my TPT store through Friday!

First Grade Colored by Sight Words from Klever Kiddos
Whew!  What a day!!  I am beginning to get my voice back, so I hope to have a more productive day.  At least the students worked hard and still learned a little something today!

Head on over to Miss Kindergarten to see some wonderful teacher tips and link up your own!  I hope I can get some new ones out of it!

Also, go check out this awesome giveaway from Granny Goes to School!  There are many gift cards you can win!!

Now I am going to go take some Mucinex and gargle some salt water to help get my voice back!
Until next time!

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