Pinterest Party, Giveaways, and a Winner!!

Ok!  So today was one of "those" days.  You know, the one where everything goes wrong! Yesterday I was asked to help out in preschool this morning.  My friends all know I am NOT a preschool person!  Well, I went in today to ask the aide, who I was covering for, what to do.  Lo and behold, the SPED teacher was there in her place because she had hit a deer on her way to work!  Whoa!  Plus there was a sub!  I survived! 

I got on with my day to find a text from my husband concerned that Ginny Beth might have an ear infection and to take her to the doctor and a phone call from the babysitter saying she was lethargic!  I made that appointment for after school and went on with my day, knowing that my house was going to be the first venue for our Pinterest Party, which I will get to soon!

I picked up the kids where Ginny Beth was laying on the floor, feverish.  I took her to the doctor where she ran circles around me, colored, and acted like her normal self.  No fever, perfect ears, just a cold!  Next time she acts sick we will just drive to the doctor's office and not pay the copay just to be checked!  Seemed to work!

"What is a Pinterest party?" you may wonder.  Well, four of us from school agreed to do it.  One person purchases all of the supplies to make something found on Pinterest and brings yummy food for everyone to eat.  Then we make whatever it is that she found.  

We had our first Pinterest party at my house.  Sarah from Learning is for Superstars bought everything but needed a kitchen.  I live fairly close to the school, so we said we would do it here.  Here is what we made.
Perfect with hot chocolate!!
The we took all of the leftover chocolate and made chocolate "dipped" pretzels the "Duck Dyansty" way.  They are yummy and indulgent!!
Pour chocolate over pretzels, then add more pretzels

Spread chocolate

Add white chocolate drizzle and all of the Andes pieces you have left.
 Refrigerate and then break into pieces.  Yummy!!!!

Now I am on the phone with Toys R Us because my Cyber Monday order never went through!

Now for the giveaway news!  My dear bloggy friend Melissa from Don't Let the Teacher Stay Up Late is having her big 100 follower giveaway, and I am helping out.  I am giving away my new Gingerbread Beginning and Ending Sounds activity.  She is also giving away a Classroom Friendly Supplies pencil sharpener plus many other wonderful prizes from so many wonderful bloggers!  Go check it out!!

Another giveaway to check out are Mrs. Jones's Kindergarten's first giveaway!  She has two different Rafflecopters!

And one more ~ Young Daze in 5th Grade is having a "Happy Birthday" giveaway!  She is giving away gift cards to Starbucks and TPT!

Best news of the day for me ~ I won a Talk Bar from Amanda at Teaching Maddeness!  I cannot wait to get it and use it with all of my intervention groups!!!!  I will definitely be showcasing it here on my blog!

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  1. Love the Pinterest Party idea! Yummy!! I hate taking the kids to the doctor just to hear that they have a cold or something that just needs to run it's course. It happens to us all the time:( It gets expensive too.

    The Busy Busy Hive


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