I Love a Good Sale! Don't You?

Oh my!!  I spent a lot of money at both TPT and TN!!  I had put so much on my wishlist that I actually needed for this week.  I also had a great time shopping that I actually did it three different times and am debating going back in a few minutes just to make sure I have all I need!  Crazy, huh?!  I am linking up with Tales from Room 112 to show off some of the wonderful items I purchased and am using!
The first thing I used that I purchased was something I have had on my wishlist forever!  I purchased the Phonics Watches from The Moffatt Girls.  I have been wanting these for my Kindergarteners for forever!  Here are the watches for the Letter D that the students made today!  Love them!

I also purchased some super fun clip art that I can't wait to use!

This week I am working on -ed words with my third graders.  They really struggle with these, so I purchased Double Dipped to help them with those crazy words!
I purchased some other items too, but the list is way too long!  Winning a gift certificate to TPT really helped out on my purchases!  I saved it especially for yesterday and today!  Needless to say, it is all gone, plus some more!

Speaking of giveaways!  Head over to Wild About First Grade to enter her big giveaway for a $50 gift certificate to Kohl's!  Love it!!!

And Teaching Maddeness is finishing off her giveaway with FREE units from her stores.  Go check it out!

Don't forget to shop for a few more hours at TPT!  There are some GREAT deals out there!
Until next time!


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