Fabulously Fun Friday!

I love Fridays!!!  And this one was no different!  I always try to make it super fun, and this was the day before the kids are out for their break.  So, I made it all very low key today and fun.  Plus today I was featured on Lisa's wonderful blog Learning is Something to Treasure!  I always enjoy her posts and finding out about new bloggers.  Go find out more in her post here!
For our Fun Friday today some of my groups had to finish up some activities, but then we dived into some fun.  Here were some of the fun activities of the day!

Each group started with a Thanksgiving sight word maze.  I got this idea from Teacher Tipster.  You just take any old maze and write sight words in them.  Students read the words as they go through the maze, but if they get stuck, they have to read the sight words again as they go back to start and then go again.  I have also used this with word features we are working on and ABC's for kindergarten.  They had a blast!   Here is the video explaining it.   I can't get the video to embed correctly, so you can click to go to YouTube to check it out!   He has other features I didn't use today, but the kids love these!

Here are my mazes with sight words and ABC's.

Then I played games with my groups.  Here is one of the games we played today.  We played Cruising Through Confusing Words which I purchased from Angelia Grimes Graeme on TPT.  It was fun to watch the students as they read the words.  If they got it wrong, I let someone else try to steal the card.  If nobody got it we put it back in the pile.  This was fun and cute, and the kids enjoyed it.  Here are some pictures of the game.

I am going to leave you this evening with a giveaway that I am going to unwillingly share.  Lori at Teaching With Love and Laughter has reviewed is giving away The Talk Bar from Learning Resources.  Go check it out and enter! 

I am ready for a fun and busy weekend of basketball, shopping, and fun with friends!!  Until next time!

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  1. Can you believe I found this post, because I googled my own name? LOL! I'm so glad your kids enjoyed this game and it worked well for you!

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