Super Fun Friday!

I am exhausted!  I have been on fire all day long, since 7:30 this morning with my hall duty.  Fridays are full of games and fun, and today I tried something new with my third graders. 

During the week, I usually give them a little comprehension check on the book we were reading.  This week I used a book from Reading A-Z, which comes with a "Quick Check".  These can be boring, so I made it into a game.  I wanted to do something that kept them thinking while we worked through the questions.

I created an activity I call "Remember and Color".  In this activity, students read the questions, found the answers in the book, and marked it on the quiz sheet.  We went over the questions, and the students colored the pictures if they got the answers correct.  This kept them engaged, and they seemed to enjoy it.  One student who I have reign in all the time said, "This is fun!"  Engaging?  Yes!  That was the whole point!

Here are some pictures of it in action!

Here it is for free for you to try out!  Please try it and tell me what you think.  I would love to make more of these for various months of the year, but I wanted a little feedback.  Tell me what you think and if there is another way to use it, or if you have any I can improve it.
My fun today didn't end with games.  I went with the fifth graders to the quarry, which is less than five miles from the school.  It was super interesting!  I have passed it every day and wanted to see what it looks like.  Here is what we saw.

Then tonight, we had our annual Fall Festival.  Zack and his buddy ran around while I worked the food line.  Here I am with my friend who teaches in my old third grade classroom right across the hall. 
Ok, we posed!

I am exhausted after an eventful day!  Now for a busy weekend!!

While you are out and about, check out The Hive for her 200 follower giveaway.  I am helping out with it. 

Until next time!

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