I Think I Say it Every Week, BUT..

I love Fridays!

They are a great ending to a busy week. Everyone is more relaxed and having fun. Sometimes I think my students learn more on Friday than the entire week combined!  It seems to solidify the skill and strategies we have used all week long.  Today was no different!

Today I played a super fun game with my second and third grade intervention groups, Pumpkin Smash.  I cannot take any credit for it, but they LOVED it and asked to play every week!   I found this one off of Teachers Pay Teachers for FREE from Mrs. Kilby.  Thank you so much for a fun activity!  Students had to read the sight word cards and get them correct.  If they got a pumpkin card, they had to read each sight word and put them all back.  It was fast-paced, fun, and best of all, engaging!  Everyone was watching and paying attention!!  Love it!  Here are some pictures of them playing the game.

I also played a different game with another third grade intervention group.  This group is horrible about leaving off -s/-ed/-ing endings off of words, so we focused on that all week.  We talked about how it changed the meaning and time frame, etc.  They probably thought I sounded like the teacher off of Charlie Brown.  Today we played my newest game Toss an Ending.  The students used Koosh balls to toss onto the mats to make new words.  They then wrote the new word correctly and used it correctly in a sentence.  The person who had the most words AND sentences correct won a prize.  Again, everyone was engaged!  I couldn't ask for more!!  Here we are playing this game.

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I had fun the rest of the day.  The kindergarteners played "Sock Snatcher" today after working with the letter "s".  I had more fun watching the teachers crawl on the floor and laugh!

The second graders read and did an activity with the preschoolers.  How sweet is that!

So, needless to say, Fridays are always fun for me and my students.  They look forward to it all week and start talking about what we might do on Fridays on Monday!

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Until next time!

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