Fridays are Meant for Fun {and Freebies}!

Oh, how I love Fridays!  Not only is it the end of the week, but we always have a little more fun on Fridays.  Here is what my Friday looked like!

I popped popcorn in my ancient popcorn popper with 3rd grade and played a game, Poppin' Fact or Opinion, which you can get on TPT here.

 Pumpkin Patch Synonyms with another 3rd grade group, which you can get on TPT here.

 iPads with 2nd grade. This app is great!  It is called "Build a Word".  You can customize the words or choose from one of the premade lists, which includes all of the Dolch sight words!  Love it!  The students learn with the words shown, then practice with no words, and then have a "test".

 With first grade, we played "Leaves Are Falling",  a game I made with these foam leaves from the Dollar Tree.
 I wrote sight word phrases on the leaves based on the students' assessments.  Then I scattered them on the floor.  The students had to pick up a leaf and read the sight word phrase.  If they did not know it, we practiced it and threw it back on the floor.  I need some more of these leaves!

Teachers have fun too!  Here are my friends Melanie and Christie who went with me to see Bret Michaels in our shirts!

  And the fun doesn't stop at school! Who needs toys when you have boxes??

And now that you have read this super long, but fun post, here is a freebie for you!  

I have been using the QAR (Question-Answer Relationship) strategy to help my third graders who struggle with comprehension.  If you have never heard of the QAR strategy, here is an overview of how to use it.  We have focused on In the Book questions for the past couple of weeks.  I used these posters to help my students understand the concept.  

Here is your freebie!  It is a sort of Right There and Think and Search questions.  I will be adding Author and Me and On My Own questions in a couple of weeks.  Click on the picture to get your copy of the QAR sort!
Enjoy this freebie!  I will spend an entire post on the QAR strategy and how I use it!

Don't forget that I am close to 300 followers and ready for a giveaway!  If you would like to help out, please let me know!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Thank you for the freebie. I love it. I'm gonna use it with my 3rd grade tutoring group.


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