Who is Miss Nelson?

I know many of you have read the book Miss Nelson is Missing to or with your class.  I always used it to make a point that things could be a whole lot worse!
Miss Nelson Is Missing!

Yesterday I read this with a class of second graders.  Then I split the kids into two groups to make a Bubble Map to describe either Miss Nelson or Miss Swamp.  They were pretty good at describing the two, even down to how much homework each one gave.  I was really impressed at the teamwork!

Today I did not read the book again, but I showed them the Thinking Maps from the day before and had the students draw a picture of the teacher that their group did NOT describe yesterday.  Here are the maps and pictures.

I love looking at students' drawings, and I think they hit this nail on the head!

After we discussed each of the characters, we worked together to make a Double Bubble to compare and contrast the two characters.  Here is what we came up with!
The students loved doing this and really had some great ideas on their own.  They even included things that were not in the original Bubble Maps.

Tomorrow we will use the Tree Map Story Map to show the parts of the book.

The third graders are having a GREAT time writing their ABC book of animals.  I cannot wait to show that off!!

And best of all, the teachers are getting their testing done, so I can start working with groups again!

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  1. I love your Double Bubble Thinking Map! I am using Thinking Maps more and more and the kids are loving them too!


    Kelly Teach

  2. Our district has adopted them wholeheartedly, which is great! We had several students move from other schools in the district, and the teachers don't have to reteach them. I have also seen a difference in they way kids are thinking!

    Thanks for stopping by!


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