Fun with Letter Tiles

I love using letter tiles with my groups to help manipulate letters into words.  I have a wonderful set that I could not live without!  I use them with all grade levels, especially my K-2 students.  They enjoy making words too!  Here are some of the fun things we do with them.

The first graders have been working on short a sounds.  I start off easy with them, focusing on word families.  We start off the week with one word family and move to two and then to three word families.  The students have the onset and rimes.  I call out the words as segmented, and they build the words, changing either the onset or the rime.  By the end of the week, I am calling out the full word, and they are segmenting it to build it.  Here are the first graders with their word families. (Excuse my Elkonin boxes, they need some revamping!)

As the students grow more confident with the process, we move into creating words with letters.  The second graders have been doing this since last year, so we started out with two different short vowel sounds.  We are working with short o and short i this week.  The manipulate the letter tiles to create three letter words with three letter tiles.  I call out the words either segmented to blend or blended to segment.  It just depends on my mood or what the students need.  Here are the second graders manipulating letters to make words.

Today I tried something new with the second graders.  I have them the letter tiles and told them to create short o and short i words.  After creating each word, they sorted them and wrote them in columns.  Wow!  This was fun!  They came up with their own words and actually understood how to spell them.  It was funny because being in a rural area "git" became a spelling for get.  We had to discuss how get is really spelled.  Here are the second graders making and sorting words.

I was really impressed that some of them actually came up with "shop" and "stop"!  By manipulating letters, the students really understood how words are built!  This is a lot to set up each week, but the benefits are beyond belief!

I love using letter tiles, and would love more ideas on how to use them.  If you have any other activities or suggestions, please let me know! 

On another note, Zack was chosen today to eat lunch with Michael Shoulders, an author.  I had never heard of him, and our library system has very few books by him.  Does anyone know anything about his writing?  I would love for Zack to have something to talk with him about.  He is more excited that our next door neighbor and good friend will be eating lunch with him too.  That's a third grade boy for you!

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