I {Heart} Goodwill!

Today my neighbor and I dropped the kids off at Sports Camp and took advantage of the time we had to head over to the Goodwill.  It is "kind of" on the way home, so why not?  She needed some clothes, and I was in the mood to browse.  Ginny Beth was with us and was a real trooper!

Here are some of my finds:

I plan to use Too Much Noise with the kindergarteners to work on phonological awareness.  The book focuses on various sounds in the house, as well as animal sounds.  The man is trying to find peace and quiet, but the wise old woman keeps telling him to get "noisy" animals.  My focus for the book will be sounds and what we hear.  I am racking my brain to come up with a fun activity for the book.  I have several things in my head for it but just can't commit! 

Ginny Beth loves the Mr. Brown Can Moo book and "read" it all through the store.  We also found this "blinky eye" doll for less than a dollar!  I have a big copy of Mr. Brown Can Moo that I will use in the same way as Too Much Noise.

For Zack, I found these pants and shirt.  The shirt was the one he wanted for $25 at the store.  I  got it for $2.50!

I got Ginny Beth these Children's Place snow boots for $2.  If it doesn't snow again this winter, I am only out $2, not $20!

These clothes for Ginny Beth were $1 each ~ Gymboree and Children's Place!!

For me, I got these clothes for $3.50 each!  I have never found a pair of corduroy pants to fit, but my neighbor found them for me!  Can't beat it with name brand items!!

I also found this bookend for Ginny Beth for 55 cents.  Her first name is actually Virginia, so the Va is perfect!  It looks so cute in her room too!

I could have spent another hour looking at stuff in Goodwill, but we needed to get home. 

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Until next time! Keep smiling!!

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  1. You found some good finds! I love Goodwill-you can find so many nice things and at a bargain price! We are your newest followers!
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