Summer Reading

Wow!  Thank you to everyone for all of the wonderful ideas!  For those of you reading The Daily Five, it is a great book!  So easy to read and understand.  I probably should reread it!

This week has been crazy!  I actually think I WANT to go back to work.  Right now both kids have Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease.  Now it feels like my throat is feeling funny.  This can't be good!

Yesterday, our phone and internet were out.  Now one set of phones doesn't work.

Today, when I took Zack to the doctor, I hit a car.  I got the receptionist to page the plate number to see whose car it was.  Lo and behold, it was the car of a former student!  Oh my! Talk about embarrassment!!  She laughed about it because I did no damage to her car, but boy did I damage my back bumper!

This evening, I was going to go back to get a stroller for Ginny Beth because hers broke.  Once Upon a Child had sold it!  I could kick myself for not buying it yesterday.  Sorry for fussing, now to the good part!

So, to make the best of it, we have done a lot of reading this week!  This summer has been amazing for Zack.  Last summer, I had to almost bribe him to read every other page of Amelia Bedelia with me.  This summer, he reads before he watches TV because he wants to!  So, today, while I vacuumed the floor, this is how I found him.
I told him to move, or I would vacuum him up.  This is where he ended up.
Earlier this week, this is how I found Ginny Beth reading one of Zack's books.
This book has been fun!  It is not "high quality" reading, like the Stink book above, but Zack has enjoyed it.  It is a Marvel Super Hero book where you flip the pages to create your own story.  Ginny Beth (or Zack) will make a random story, and Zack reads it.  The fun never ends!  I love it!!

Summer reading is so important for helping to stay on track during the summer.  I surely do not want Zack's hard work in second grade to slide.  He started out the beginning of the year reading just below grade level to being on grade level.  He loves to read now and totally on his own.  I brought home a bunch of books for him and have enrolled him in several summer programs.  Our local library is one, where he only has to read five hours.  (He has far surpassed that, but I haven't told him yet.)

Check out Barnes and Noble.  If your child reads 8 books and recommends them to friends, he or she gets a free book.  Zack wanted the Hero Factory book, so he finished his, and we have already gotten the book.  He read it on the way across town yesterday. 
Meet the Heroes (Turtleback School & Library Binding Edition)

Another great program is through his school.  They sent home a calendar in his report card and asked him to read each day.  He then has to one project per month on one book.  When he turns in it after the break, he will get to attend a party with the principal.  They typically play Bingo and get out of class.

I bought snagged Ginny Beth these adorable little purse books at our library for fifty cents!  They still had tags on them.  She LOVES to carry them around and then let me read them to her.  She actually likes to try to read them to herself.  No harm in starting early, right?!
I sent home a summer reading book and activity with my students before school was out.  I hope they are enjoying reading this summer as much as we are!

As for my summer, I can just pray that it will get better!

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Happy reading!
Until next time!


  1. I'm loving to hear that your son is now loving to read! Wonderful! And it looks like he is being a great model for your daughter too.
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  2. Sorry your summer is yucko so far. Hope that the kids get better soon!

    Learning is for Superstars

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