Wonky Weather!

I can't believe it!  All winter I wanted some cold weather, and here we are in LATE April in our winter coats!  Here is what I did after work today:

Yep!  That's the fireplace with a fire!  Oh my!  I think we used it once the entire winter, but when the AC was still on, and the house was 64 degrees, I had to do something!

So, I just thought a lot about some good cozy reads for a night like tonight.  With my little girl, Ginny Beth, I read the book Hug, Hug by Lorie Ann Grover.

My son, Zack has been enamored with the Bunnicula series.  Our entire school and community read it a few weeks ago, and we are on book two:  Howliday Inn.  If you have never read these, now is the time to pick them up!  I actually read the book 3 times when I was in the fourth grade in 1985!  Start with Bunnicula by James Howe first!

As a kid, I always enjoyed curling up with a good book.  One of my absolute favorites was The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis.  I so enjoyed going to "another world" and escaping reality!


No matter what you enjoy or the weather, I always think curling up with a good book is the best thing ever!  So, that is what I am going to do now!  Reruns on TV, so why not?!

Until tomorrow!

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