What a day!

I started out my day at the dentist that actually was better than I expected.  I was in and out in no time and going to get back to work early.  Well, silly me, remembered that we needed bananas, so I decided to stop at Kroger.  Bad move!  As I turned into the shopping center, I ran over some metal and had a complete blowout!  I frantically got a ride home, arranged for after school plans since I had to drive the truck, and got someone to tow the van to the service station.  Of course, these things only happen when my husband goes out of town!  I got to work 45 minutes later than I wanted, but that is life.

My day turned out better.  First grade ended up having karate with PE during my scheduled time, so I had some time to recoup and be ready for kindergarten.  Coming from a 3rd/4th Grade background, I struggle most with kindergarten.  Today we worked on sight words.  We made sight word flip books.  No, I did not create these.  I bought the books from the people who bring you "discount" books and put them up in the teacher's lounge.  Each book was a dollar each, and I have used many of them with my kids.  They love them!  I meant to take pictures of the books, but I forgot.  Oops!

Here is what the kids did.  First we read the words together.  They then colored the word cards and cut them out.
After they cut them out, I stapled them in their "premade" books.  If I had let them cut out the books, they never would have made it to PE.  They read the words to me again and then wrote the words on the lines below.
As they wrote the words, they said them aloud again.  Here is the finished product.
Looks like we need to work on spacing!  After they finished writing the words, they partnered up and read the words to each other.
So, all in all, the students read these words at least 4 times.  Some of them read them more than that because while they were coloring and cutting, I heard "I, like, can,..."  By the end of the 30 minutes I worked with them, they knew two new words:  have and like.  They did not know them before.  Wow!  I think I am finally getting the hang of kindergarten!

This was a fun little activity that I think I will do again and again!  It is something I could easily create if I needed to.

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Until tomorrow!

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