Spring Break

Well, I guess Spring Break is really over!  It was fun-filled with ups and downs.  We started out with a fun bike ride on the Roanoke River Greenway, which led to too much pollen and misery the next day.  Here I am with the kids having a picnic lunch.
Then we just spent some time hanging out at the house.  The kids had fun playing and really enjoyed a sword fight in the middle of the day.
So, today we ended with a trip to the park with Gram and some Easter money shopping.  So I sit here listening to the baby's Jimmy Buffett CD while I try to decide if I write another book or try to start cleaning the house.  Actually, one last nap might be best!
Once I get my next book or game finished, look for some freebies!  I have some super fun clip art graphics from The 3AM Teacher I am dying to use!

Just found a fun giveaway at Chalk Talk for a free tee shirt!  Check it out a http://larremoreteachertips.blogspot.com/ !  Enjoy!!

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  1. Sounds like you are having a great break!! A nap would def. be my first choice..hahaha

    Your blog is too cute!!! I am adding your button to my blog roll!

    Although I don't see your following gadget, I am following your blog by clicking follow at the top of my window (-;


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