Playful Penguins and a FREEBIE!

After spending an hour and a half hearing about the new push on our state's reading assessment for nonfiction reading, I realized I needed to spend some more time working on reading nonfiction with all of my groups.  For the younger grades, this is a struggle to find.  Everything is either way too easy or just too hard for them to read.

So, I problem solved!  I created my own penguin unit that includes everything needed to teach early readers all about penguins.  What amazed me the most is that the students, my second graders who struggle with reading, read it with little to no help!  I spent a lot of time with vocabulary and some background knowledge.  I wish I had the pictures, but I left my camera at school!  I will post pics of us using the unit later this week.

The unit includes 4 different poems to use for fluency, an original nonfiction book for your students to read (complete with glossary), vocabulary cards, comprehension quiz, and a fact/opinion game.  Sounds like fun!  You can grab it for half price in either my TPT or TN stores through Thursday, January 24th.

For you, my readers and followers, I am giving you something that is not in the unit:  my penguin sound boxes.  I have included 3 different ones:  three sounds, three sounds and silent e, and four sounds.  If you would like others, let me know, and I will create them for you!  The penguins are from Michelle at The 3AM Teacher's Reading Penguins Clipart Collection.
Enjoy them and check out my Playful Penguins Unit on TPT and TN!

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  1. I completely agree with the lack of age appropriate non-fiction. I made a bunch of science readers because I had issues finding things for my kinders. Thank you for the sound boxes. We are working on phoneme segmentation in small groups.

    Thank you!
    Carolyn McCleary

  2. Yes, non-fiction is driving me NUTTY! First, I understand how important it is...I mean we use it all the time in real life. However, it's pretty darn boring to teach!

    We've taken 3 assessments in 3 weeks and all of my kiddos bombed Non-Fiction. I didn't really have time to teach it in between b/c of all the testing!! I'm going to spend 3 weeks on it! We'll see how it goes after that!

    This Little Piggy Reads Alll the Way Home

  3. Cute penguin stuff!! I am mentioning your giveaway tomorrow and don't forget, you will be featured a week from tomorrow!
    :) dana
    Fun in 1st Grade

  4. Thanks for the cute penguins. I teach kinders so I am going to use the black penguis. I'll laminate one for each students book box and use them for writing out cvc words. Thanks so much.
    Angie K


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